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Bhrugu Gulab Classical Long Lasting Unisex Roll-On Rose Attar

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Experience the Timeless Allure of Rose through a Bhrugu Gulab by Rahashya. This Exquisite Rose Attar Embodies the Classic and True Essence of Romance and Elegance. The Real Standout Note of Bhrugu Gulab is the Enchanting Fragrance of Rose Flowers. With Each Whiff, You are Transported to a Blooming Rose Garden, Surrounded by the Delicate Petals and the Sweet Aroma of the Most Coveted Flower. The Rich and Floral Notes of Rose Creates a Luxurious and Captivating Sensory Experience. Indulge in the Long-lasting Allure of Bhrugu Gulab, as Its Fragrance Gracefully Lingers for at least 8 Hours to 3 Days. This Ensures that You can Enjoy the Enchanting Aroma of Roses Throughout Your Day, Leaving a Trail of Elegance Wherever You Go.

1) Free of harmful additives like alcohol and phthalates

2) Received full approval and certifications from FDA, complying highest standards for purity and quality

3) All natural made from organic active plant based ingredients, you won't find any animal based product or by-product in our attars

4) All natural botanical ingredients and lack of alcohol make them fitting for use in rituals, prayers and other sacred practices where purity is paramount

5) Carefully crafted attars with unique long lasting fragrance notes that will delight your senses. With theircombination of purity, ethnic production and enchanting scents, our attars truly offers the best of all world

Various oils and extracts

To apply on skin, use a few drops on fingers and dab behind ears, neck and other pulse points. To apply on clothes, apply few drops on palm, rub hands together and then rub your hands on cloth. Or refer tag provided with attar

Do not eat or drink, for external use only

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